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The death and rebirth of UX – The State of UX in 2018

As designers, we have always fought to be involved in strategic decisions early on. Now that we have a seat at the table, what are we going to do about it? [READ ON]

Sugar batteries could be greener, cheaper and store more energy than lithium-ions

Even today’s best rechargeable lithium batteries do lose their ability to hold a charge after a while, and are considered toxic waste once discarded. In just a few years, however, they may be replaced by batteries that are refillable and biodegradable, and that will also have a higher energy density yet a lower price ……

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Design, passion, inspiration…

Steve Jobs was a brilliant designer and visionary. He asked the important questions when it came to what to build…whether its technology products, interfaces, websites, or applications, how will people feel when interacting with it? There is so much available in our technology tool-set now that the real challenge is keeping the design simple and…

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